Trust That You Are Masters To Rise

Published February 4, 2021 by tindertender

You are aspiring to develop full use of your brain, more than the mere 8 to 10 percent currently employed. The complete universal history of yourself is in light-encoded filaments that have been scattered inside your body by beings who did not want you to be very talented, because then they could not control you.

Learn to use the material of your own history to show yourself something. Without judgment, joyously move through life rather than create soap operas that keep you starring in the same reruns. As all twelve strands of DNA begin to form, whatever issues you have not dealt with and peacefully cleared in your personal history will form chaos in your body. Feelings and memories will emerge, offering you an opportunity to experience the fabric of your being, revealing who you are through events and beliefs intricately woven into you.

We are reminding you of what you know inside yourself. We have come onto this planet to trigger your memory bank—to inspire the human race through light, so that you will begin to remember who you are and create your own reality. You will alter the frequency on the planet and claim rightful ownership of yourself and this territory. You will rise to the opportunity to master the situation as you trust in abilities that you did not think you had.

We have a very deep fondness for each and every one of you because you have helped us—you have assisted us in delivering something. Your planet is a most miraculous place, and there are those who see your planet from a distance and realize many things. You do not see your planet from a distance. You experience your planet firsthand. It was just a number of years ago when pictures of Earth, viewed from space, were shown to you for the first time, offering all of you a visual image of yourselves as a whole. If someone were to study you from space, you would all look alike if that someone did not know how to read the vibrations you emit.

There is something that we are getting at here. These last few years, you have been impulsed into diving more deeply into personal exploration, the meaning of identity, and connecting with your cosmic overview of life itself. Perhaps at first it seemed as if you were reaching far beyond what the parameters of civilization supported. As you met in quiet clusters everywhere, letting out your deepest yearnings and knowings and secrets that you had your whole life, you began to realize that perhaps you were not so far outside the parameters of civilization. Perhaps civilization was moving as you extended the boundaries.

Your dedication to reevaluating, reconsidering, and reorganizing your basic assumptions about life has expanded the expressions of civilization itself. You humans have no other choice than to reach out to the new territory that you lay forward as both charted and uncharted discoveries.

More up-lifting messages from our guardians and guides in highest realms.

We are sending you all much Love and Light as you navigate the stormy waters that are flowing through Planet Earth at this time.

Many of you may be feeling entrenched in a 3rd Dimension world of restrictions, lockdowns, health issues, sadness, disappointments, and so-called of lack freedoms as you still succumb to a dark agenda.

In truth your restrictions are but an illusion and you can escape any time that you want to, by just being in a Higher Dimension. The Higher 5th Dimensional world is as real as any time that you may spend in the 3rd Dimensional world. We encourage you all to spend more time in a 5th Dimensional world than in the 3rd Dimensional world of restrictions.

We encourage you to be grateful for all that you can do, instead of lamenting what you cannot. Be grateful for the air that you can breathe, the taste of the food and water that you can ingest, the beautiful sights that you can see, hearing the sounds, and feeling the body that you have, no matter what it’s restrictions. Life is indeed a blessing and however or whatever you are feeling, you are still alive at this special time of Transition.

Your soul is always free to roam, my dears, so imagine where your soul would like to roam. Your dreams are real and can manifest all that you so desire, as your manifestations start to quicken. Those of you lucky enough to be able to go outside into the Earth are fortunate in that you can commune with the flora and fauna. Do this when you feel alone and in need of company. Those of you who are in isolation in your own homes can still see the sky and watch and connect with Nature from a distance. When all feels lost, you can still retreat into your soul and dream a new world into existence.

Those of you who are depressed can still find some hope in a Creator who will not let them down. Talk to him about the sadness and anger that you feel. Interact with Mother Nature and tell her your problems. Believe and Trust in the Higher Powers who will not let you down.

However hard it may be for you to understand, believe in yourself as a strong soul who has a mission to help others and know that in time you will overcome. Keep in contact with your Guides and Angels and lean on others for support at this time and be very gentle with yourself.

This time of so-called lack in the world is an opportunity to realize how much you have taken for granted in the past. It is now a time for an attitude of gratitude for all that you do have. Bless all that you do have, even if these are very small mercies. You are Alive dear ones and as such you are here now to Dream that wonderful New world into existence. You do not need anyone else to do this for you. You are the Powerful Ones and you can do this for yourself. You do not need a great leader to create the New World for you.

You are all One with the Great Creator and as such, you can create that new Heaven on Earth. This time of Transition can be a very bumpy ride and you may well feel buoyant one day and feel as if you are drowning in a sea of emotions the next. This time may well be a time of stormy emotions for many of you but you are feeling them, for them all to be cleared, and this time will pass Dear Ones. When you come out of the stormy waters, you will be coming home to your own safe harbor.

When you come home to yourselves Dear ones, and learn to be at one with yourself, no matter what happens outside of you, you will begin to feel a wonderful sense of peace inside of you, that none can destroy.

Much Light is being beamed upon the Earth at this time to help in the Earth’s Transition. As this happens much clearing is taking place as everyone learns to navigate their own emotions. As Lightworkers you are ahead of the game, so to speak, and you are clearing much darkness from your own auras and becoming the Light yourselves. Have no fear others will have to awaken in time also, and when they do, you will be very much needed to assist them.

As always we are here to help you in this process, so call on us to assist in your sad times and rejoice with us in your happy times.

We send you Much Love and many Blessings for you all to find that Peace and Joy within your own lives, Dear Ones.

Simple example of Creation:

If I want to have peace I can’t demonstrate AGAINST war. The Universe is very accurate and will bring “war”. So people have to demonstrate FOR PEACE. It’s simple.

Source: @Karina89350882

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