Moving into 5D

Published December 31, 2020 by tindertender

At the 3D level, the 3D matrix and the old paradigm is moving further into areas of degradation. Beings who resonate dominantly here will experience more and more chaos as things move forward, and as more cosmic light shines on the 3rd dimension.

Since this is a free-will Universe, beings can certainly choose where they prefer to resonate and most of humanity still resonate in the lower realms by default with no awareness of what’s happening, or that they have the power to change things. You can gauge where you are in all of this by how things are flowing in your life. Only in the higher realms does peace, love, abundance, joy, freedom and health exist. Do things feel bad, or do things feel good?

Regardless of what is happening in one dimension or the other, you can shift into the one you prefer at any given moment. It’s simply a matter of choice and knowing how to make the shift. If you desire to be more aligned with the 5D Gamma timeline where life becomes brighter in all areas, it’s critical to begin doing the inner work required to raise your internal vibration. So, you can quickly make this dimension shift.

The simple question is,”What is the best way to begin vibrating higher?” Well, here’s how: Only ingest organic alkaline foods and drink pure water (not tap). Eliminate all toxins from your body. Pull back as much as possible from the 3D commercial matrix. Remove yourself from all the negative people and things in your life, and spend some time alone.

Lower vibrational beings will drain your vital life force by default. More often than not, close family can be the worst energy drainers. You’re not required to allow any being to drain your energy for any reason! If anyone attempts to control or manipulate you, or tries to prevent you from being who you are, CUT THEM LOOSE! Do your inner trauma healing to clear trapped negative and toxic emotional energy from your body.

Question EVERYTHING and be open to possibilities. Rigid beLIEf systems limit you more than anything. Embrace yourself fully, and take the best care of you first. Then, you’ll be ready to help others. Use affirmations everyday and watch your world transform. Seek knowledge outside of the matrix system, so you can fully innerstand what really happened Earth’s history. Start doing what you love vs what you don’t. Begin being yourself automatically, disregarding what others think. Enjoy music,art, dancing,playing, and laughing. Have some fun.

Take some chances and enjoy life. Ground yourself in nature. Meditate at least one hour a day. When you meditate, connect to the Divine Being that you truly are. When you discover who that Being is, you’ll be amazed. It’s the greatest Being in the entire Universe.

A sea salt bath each day will do wonders as the crystals from the earth recharge your cellular batteries. Crystals from the earth are the most powerful ascension tools in the Universe for amplifying your inner frequency. Let things go. Choose to be positive, and be of good and noble character. Begin to do these things now and watch how amazing life becomes. This is transformation and this is the ascension. The best way to change the world is to change yourself.

Simply start creating a new earth all around you from right where you are. It will catch on. Stop going along with horrible,senseless things you were told to do when you know in your heart it’s not correct. Do No Harm To Anyone! However, don’t be subservient to anyone or any situation. You are the great sovereign Creator.

Though 5D is available right now, right here, for you to begin existing in it and begin experiencing a bliss state of being in a sustained way, you MUST do your part. The Galaxtics have created the energetic space on the surface but each being must evolve their own soul, and raise their own internal frequency to match the new 5D Earth.

To accomplish this, you must remove your focus from 3D; Get by yourself with no external distractions; put inspiring, meditative music in your headset and let it play in the background while you focus on any of the following things:

Celestial beings, celestial landscapes, the new earth, freedom, love, peace, joy, abundance, health, your dreams and desires, your accomplishments, sacred geometry, beautiful art, beings you love most, etc. As you do this for 10-20 minutes you’ll start to feel and experience the 5D frequency of Heaven and the new earth.

After doing this repeatedly for as many times as you like for a few days, it will become completely automatic, and it’ll become your constant state of being, even as you bring your focus back to 3D. What you’re doing here as you get the hang of this, is you’re perceiving the 3D reality around you through new 5D eyes. This is how the new earth begins manifesting and staying permanently. This 5D Gamma state is a state of bliss consciousness where your left hemisphere(the 3D Alpha) and your right hemisphere (5D Gamma) begin to work together at the same time. Hence, multi-dimensional perception and functionality. This deliberate 5D focus strategy is only necessary at first to train your being to stay focused at the 5D level, even while walking around in 3D.

After a bit of this habitual focus, the process will become automatic and sustained as your DNA code changes to kick in this process. Here’s a simple teaching that will help you begin to experience this amazing new reality. 5D is simply a faster vibrating version of now and here.

And all you must do is raise your internal vibration to match it.

Please forgive me for the lengthy thread, but this information is paramount for your ascension.

I send you peace, love and light family.

All is 1.



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