The Words I Woke To

Published December 14, 2020 by tindertender

“Train them to take small bites”

(Soon there will be much less for the human flesh eaters to eat … the harvest is nearly upon us)

Many know already of the 600,000+ people that go missing every year in the USA alone. Some also know that they are being tormented and drained of their enriched blood supply. Some also know that these ones are used as food by the draco.

What if ….

What if humanity stopped eating the cow, pig and chicken? What if humanity made it a point to hunt for their food supply … going after those who hunt and eat their own children, their own brethren, instead?

You understand why they keep you fighting each other don’t you? If the ‘food’ is too busy fighting each other, they have nothing left to hunt the hunters.

With all the weapons held by the US citizenry, there is a real and dangerous threat to the business of harvesting humans … if only humans would recognize who their real enemies are … and it isn’t other humans.

A veil has been placed over the minds of the people, those who actually have soul, a human soul. The soul is a source of intense Life Force, without which, the feeders would be no-thing.

They’ve given us corn chips and cheetos, everything toxic. They’ve trained us to “farm” living beings for food … just as they do, only their food is human.

When will the veil be lifted and humanity fully know what has been happening to them?

When they discover it fully, will they fight for their lives and that of the children? Would the hunters become the hunted? Or will they expect a “savior” to do all the work for them?

Perhaps humanity is nothing more than a lower life form meant to be fed upon after all … I would love it if the majority would prove the draco wrong … for this is how we are seen.

A lower life form, meant to be food, and some like it raw.

Meant to be “harvested”.

A commodity.

Perhaps humans are actually eating themselves also, after all, it is said human flesh looks just like beef … but tastes more like pork.

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