Do YOU Have An Open Mind?

Published December 14, 2020 by tindertender

An Open mind is key to understanding our origins
Wrath of the Titans
Hidden in Plain Sight
Disclosure is shown in movies
Truth is stranger than science fiction

Nephilim, Giants & Cyclops
Myths are real Factual stories have been subverted by the victors for Millennia
An Open mind is key to Enlightenment

You ready to be Enlightened?
Ask yourself do YOU have an open mind?


Exactly and 100% true.

There are contracts in place between the “dark forces” in 3D – they always had and have to tell what they are doing. In books, stories, scriptures, movies – however. And because they do and the humans still follow them, the highest councils say: “It´s the free will of humans that they are treated like sheep. We don`t interfere with their free will”.

Just look to Hollywood or to so-called Stars like Lady Gaga, Madonna and all the others. They show exactly what it is in their shows – but Humans applaud and cheer to them and give them Oscars.

As long as humans prefer the “sweet lie” before the “ugly truth” , the outcome for those will be in the favor for the darkness. Ascension is because Planet Earth asked for it – if Humanity is ready or not.

And every single one has to know where to go or will stay with the slave-masters.

I am sorry – but THIS is the truth.


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