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In Roman times Sirius was known as the Red Star and they sacrificed red dogs to the star. Sirius B contains the entire mass of our Sun in a globe only 4 times bigger than the Earth. Sirius B’s surface is 300 time harder than a diamond while the core is 3,000 times harder than a diamond. This Planet makes “23” rotations on its Axis per minute thus generating a huge magnetic force. Every 50 years Sirius A and B come so close together they begin to spiral around each other at enormous rates. Once huge tidal forces are generated by these two Stars they eventually flip-flop positions. This energy is eventually released to flow on magnetic lines to the Sun, which transmits it like a lens to all the Planets. Sirius B is the far more massive out of the 2.

As you can see by these three artifacts predating the arrival of Jesus the story of the crucified divine savior on a cross is nothing new. Even the picture on the right which seems like an exact depiction of Jesus on the cross is actually Osiris conscribed way before the story of Jesus on the cross. Every era has been accompanied by a crucified savior story, there is no use in reinventing the wheel it always serves to disarm the people making them believers of something that is coming to save them and wash all their sins away.

Your sins and wrongdoings are your own past, get over them and balance them out in the present by your deeds. Nothing or no one can do this for you. Adults are behaving as children with such naive beliefs. People will soon see where all this leads and who these men really are.

A little digging uncovered that during the Initiation Rites, the Kemites, would procure concentrated doses of the Blue Lily and administer it to the Initiates. They would then place the vibration rod more commonly called an Ankh against the back of the Initiate’s neck to transfer vibration. After this the Initiate would be lead through the inner chambers of the great Pyramid, each room carried a particular frequency that would prepare the body to go into an astral death state. Finally they would be placed in the Sarcophagus and depending on the initiation his or her soul would descend to the underworld, Mars, or Sirius due to the Zero Point field of the Great Pyramid lined up on the Van Hallen Belt on 6 major ley lines. In that moment they would meet the Lord Dog of the Underworld Anubis, Bael, and others all surrounded by the hounds of hell and many other goons like Ra hanging out in the Netherworld of Dar which is were we get the word Dark.

Warning – and a bit out of the story now – but this is what the “D-elites” are doing to gather life energy from kids. Snakes are dead with the energy of sun – how appropriate….

The Fleur-de-lis is also the symbol of the Jester’s Hat or simply the Trickster or Magician who concocts magic and illusions. Just as you see the Three Wise Men come from the East also known as the Magi. You will begin to see that although it is profusely banned in the Bible for all others, often time people who are in the “Grace of God” are affiliated and acclimated with magic.

It goes further to admit that Moses himself was schooled in all the wisdom of the Egyptians. Even in Egyptian legend there are stories of other men parting large bodies of water just to find jewels that had been accidentally dropped in the sea by the women who were rowing the boats. Janus and Jambres had no problem duplicating Moses’ magic when it came to turning the staff into a Serpent, his magic seemed to be a little more powerful.

These acts are also symbolic but are mistakenly taken literal. It also mentions Dathan a well known name in Adept circles connected also to the Nephalim. In the Bible it says it was Dathan who caused the Hebrews to make the calf again. Tis true the Nephilim have enticed man to do foolish things like worshiping a calf. Of course this also has far reaching issues that effect the Spirit but let us just consider what this does on a basic level. How much time will one waste and how dense will it eventually make them if they consider their Ultimate God, a calf? Then they turn around and eat it. So you see – Believe always leads you away from yourself and who YOU really are.

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