Published August 29, 2020 by tindertender

Words are tiny hooks for the mind.

Digital freeway signs telling you to “mask up” and “save lives” … fear porn.

Words programming minds into a state of lack perception.

Subliminal messaging in the television programs and commercials … buy this, you must have that (as with the toilet paper fiasco the world over).

Some have become so addicted to these hooks they cannot pull themselves away from that which places them in the mind … they have been “programmed” to absorb more and more of these barbs … that which keeps the mind caught.

They are compelled to turn on the television as soon as they arrive home, some saying they don’t watch it, they simply have it on for the noise it provides. Noise is right. Noise filled with barbs for the mind.

Cannabis, beneficial when used properly, a detriment when not. Keeping the mind at surface level limbo. Unable to delve into the deep waters of the snare. Unable to see the snare, let alone comprehend its magnitude.

Alcohol, which totally obliterates conscious usage of words and intention.

Be mindful of what hooks you allow to be implanted in the psyche.

If they are anything other than love, peace, compassion, harmony and such related concepts, you can be certain it is not for benefit, but a steering toward another’s agenda.

Indeed, even the wolf masquerades as a light worker. Steering minds into lack perception. A weakness implant, drawing the mind into believing only they can help you out of a situation or set way of thinking. Stripping spirit of its own authentic power.

Trials are here for a reason. They build our capacity to withstand chaos. The lessons we learn through process allows compassion for others experiencing same and similar circumstances, growing our heart, our center, our connection should we choose not to shrink.

This is why many times another simply isn’t able to help us. We must endure, gather the lesson, before it can be released.

Be mindful of the words you absorb, and the words you use upon another.

They can be of benefit, or add to the snare.

Use experience to benefit self and others, not tear everything down.

Words … being used by the media now for separation and control … creating divide like never before, and politicians are pushing all the buttons in alignment with the message.

Reject it.

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