Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

Published August 13, 2020 by tindertender

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In These Moments, Many Search For Peace!

There Is Nothing Outside Of You That Can Bring You Peace. In These Racing Energies And Endless Thoughts And Opinions, Close Your Eyes, Breathe Deeply, And Remember Who You Are!

During These Times Of Transition, You Will Have Many Moments Where You Seem To Flow With Life And Nothing Bothers You. You Have Surrendered To The Moment.

Then A Word, Action, Or News Event Will Change Your Peaceful Mind To Chaos!

Sweet Beloved Ones! You Have Done Nothing Wrong! You Can Simply Get Back On Course And Know Your Peace Has Never Left You! The Energies Covered Your Mind And Now You Recover!

Breathe Deeply Now!

As You Practice And Repeat Pulling Your Attention To Your Heart Chakra, And Becoming Still And Quiet, You Will Desire To Return To This Sacred Place Throughout Your Day.  There Is Always A Place For You Here!

It Does Not Matter What Another Says Or Does, It Does Not Matter About Your Perceived Past. All That Matters Is This Moment Of Now.

You Are The Love Of GOD.  The Power Of The ONE.

You Are Everything That Is Powerful And Good And Your Strength Lies In Bringing This Forth In Conscious Awareness.

You Are Truly A Multidimensional Being Of Light And You Carry All Gifts Within As Light!

You Were Born Into A Physical Body To Experience Divinity In A New Way.

You Have Been Here Many Times And You Have A Planet Of Origin. You Are The Soul, Gifted With Free Will And The Presence Of GOD.

You Need Nothing Else. You Are Complete And Whole.

The Great Awakening Is Only Accelerated By The Perceived Negative Actions Before You!

Many That Were Asleep Are Realizing To Survive They Must Shift Daily. They Are Realizing That Only Love Matters And This Is The Only Answer.

The Silent Majority, The Ones Who Know And Understand The Truth Of What Is Happening, Will Soon Join As ONE And Truth Will Lead Again.

AA Are Very Wise!

Love One Another And Be At Great Peace!


I Love You So!


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