Oracle Reading 8-9-2020

Published August 9, 2020 by tindertender

Journey inwards to uncover insights and information that will be important for your path. Then follow the guidance. You are very connected to the other worlds at this time. The wisdom and intelligence of the Earth and her magic surrounds you. Mother Earths heartbeat has cleared the cobwebs and dust from your inner vision. What you have seen in your dreams and inner vision is not imagination but guidance, particularly if it has bee coming to you repeatedly, and has the potential to become reality. Dreams come true – know it and live it.

Stay alert, as change is in the air. The energies around you are changing at this time, and although it may not always be comfortable, you are equipped with all you need to survive this shift. You are being presented with opportunities to reach spaces you’ve never encountered before, and this can make you feel on edge, but be open to the shifts occurring, because they really are the answers to your prayers. The experience of being hunted or threatened is now behind you and you are being invited to come out from your den and reveal your glory and talents. Trust in your talents in order to be the best you can be in these changing times.

Look at things from a different angle. Fly higher and see new possibilities. Eagle medicine swirls around you, encouraging you to recognize that your views or vision may be limited at this time. Is there a chance that your own desperation, needs or ego could be blocking you from seeing the potential in your current situation? If there are other people involved, you are being guided to see things from everyone’s perspective. If you are feeling the need for something to change, how can you take the higher road? Know that if you have intentions that aren’t for the highest good, it will only hold you back. Eagle medicine can help you change this. The Eagle brings the energy of healing and love directly from the heart of Father Sky and invites you to do all things from a place of love.

Take the higher road and choose the light. Remove yourself from lower-energy experiences. No matter what is happening to you or around you, you have a choice. Choose not to be pulled into dramas, bickering or energies that are just going to limit your joy. If you are surrounded by people who are hostile towards you or someone else, or you are in a negative situation, you are being invited to be the light. You are an incredible person who can really bring light. So how can you change the energy? How can you redirect the conversation to love? How can you protect yourself? How can you help the person that is being picked on? Or are you the one who is guilty of causing a drama? You will know the answers. Know also that you are being encouraged to shine the light you were born to share.

Connect with your desires. The sparks could lead to something beautiful. You are being guided by your angels to connect with powerful energy of desire at this time. If you have recently set an intention to explore your sexual side or become more sexually open, the fire of desire can burn away any old setbacks that are preventing you from expressing that part of your nature. If you are in a relationship, this can indicate a great spiritual and sexual connection.

Take time to rest and recuperate in order to continue your growth. Benefit from the information that will come directly from your heart space. You have been working hard and giving your all to your current situation and it may become draining and detrimental to your development unless you retreat and recharge your energies. So you are being guided to take a step back at this time. If you are working on bringing something together, your over-involvement could impeded the process, so retreat and breathe. If you have something to say or do that could have a larger impact on your life, spend some time in deep thought – even contemplation – before moving forward. Often when we rush in, we don’t see how destructive our actions can be. So meditate and listen to your souls wisdom before proceeding further.

Trust in your angels, guides and ancestors. If you have given your power away, claim it back. There are spiritual allies working in your favor and their miracles will unfold much more easily when you move into a state of trust. So call back your power and stop allowing external forces to divert you from the miracles you deserve. Hand over all of your concerns to your spiritual allies. When you do so, you allow them to send you intuitive guidance and messages that will allow you to correct this situation and come out on top. You have shamanic potential to move between the realms and connect with your guides in an extremely personal way.

Artwork by Lily Moses

Reading from the deck “Angels and Ancestors” Oracle Cards created by Kyle Gray

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