Wee Hours Sleepy ‘Write’ Session

Published August 1, 2020 by tindertender

My favorite four letter words are Love and Care.

Salt water taffy. Not good for the teeth or body. It’s artificial goodness similar to our addiction to certain relationships. We may love them, yet it does not change the fact that they be toxic for us. Sometimes, in epic proportions.

No One? Or ALL? Perhaps they are one and the same, opposing ends of the same polar scale, different expressions.

Our men are beautiful … our warriors, and our lovers. May peace and harmony and a sense of balance arrive for the masculine and feminine … in each person, and between physical gender ‘forms’.

If there is guilt in the mind and heart, it is the Souls request to behave in a different manner.

Watch the Cat

Your thoughts are Sacred, honor your mind.

Stubborn WILL sometimes gets in the way of humility. Obstinacy shuts doors and ends relationships … which is sometimes necessary, just as careful determination is.

Round and round we go, where we’ll wind up, nobody knows … because we never wind up anywhere, due to the constant cycle of upward momentum, experienced by all.

Be mindful of how you approach people in word or deed … the reciprocation will be according to effort given.

Life is a flow experience, constantly shifting and morphing into something, someone, new. When traits are seen in others, please know, these trait also reside in you … you would not recognize them otherwise. Once this is understood, it’s easier to hold compassion for those we encounter.

Observation is key. Not only of others, but of self, whether it is deemed a positive or a negative.

Everything that is wrong with this world is not just out there. When we accept responsibility for our output, either before, or after a brief tantrum, we can understand our progress in ‘process’.

Sometimes I feel like that crazy cat who runs up a tree chasing birds. Gotta talk myself down, get out of the tree and stand on the ground.

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