Love Is …

Published July 30, 2020 by tindertender

Love is not NOT making mistakes.

It is making lots of mistakes.

Miscommunication. Grumpiness. Anger. Hurt. Annoyance.

Love is being able to clean up those mistakes, like a champ.

Own what is yours:

Where did you mess up?

Where did you drop the ball?

How will you be better next time?

Where did your actions become misaligned with your words?

How did you contribute to the communication breakdown?

How will you build it back up?

When did you stop choosing love, and instead choose your hurt feelings, or anger, or loneliness?

To be good at love, you need nothing but humility and awareness. Ability to get on your knees without groveling.

Desire to make amends without sulking.

Willingness to create something better than you ever saw before. Something better than you think you are capable of.

Love is not for the perfect shiny ones.

Just the ones doing the work, slowly slaying the dragons of self-sabotage.

To great life-changing love.;

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