Precious Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

Published July 28, 2020 by tindertender

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If You Are Reading This, Know You Are Light!

Know Without A Doubt That You Are Love And So Loved!

If You Have Been Wounded, Remember As Rumi Tells Us, “The Wound Is The Place The Light Enters.”

You Arrived As Pure Sacred Love, With An Intention To Expand In Consciousness And Grow Through A Story That Would Begin And End With You. The Story Is Your Story. It Is A Waking Dream.

As You Lived In Theta Waves For Your Early Childhood, You Were Hypnotized Into The Matrix. As You Grew To Be An Adult, You Carried The Wounds, Love, Brainwashing And Opinions That You Believed To Be Real.

Many Never Make It To Adulthood, Due To Illness, War, Suicide And More.

We Bow In Love!

To Those That Are Here NOW In This Dream, I Will Show You Your Box Of Gifts.

Maybe Some Of You Have Discovered Your Box, All Wrapped Up In A Bow Of Experience And Memories Made Of Thought Constructs And Energy.

You Opened The Box, Took What You Wanted And Shut It Quickly, Not Wanting To See Anything But The Things That Made You Feel Good.

There Was More, But You Thought It Was Useless, Because It Hurt You.

Then There Are Those That Never Knew They Had A Box To Open.

It Had Been Shoved Into The Corner Of Their Mind, Lost With The Old Toys, Trash, A Few Pleasant Memories And Lots Of People They Would Rather Forget.

Let’s Open The Box Together!

First We Choose To Allow The Truth. Then We Bless The Box With Loving Intention. We Realize That Nothing Can Happen Without God And Our Soul Knew We Would Have This Particular Box.

Now We Are Ready.

Everything In The Box Is A Tool For You To Expand And Grow. We Lift The Lid And Allow The Energy To Flow. The Child Abuse Brings Tears. The Loneliness And Bullying Make Us Want To Shut The Box. We Find People And Moments That Brought Us Comfort.

We See Moments That We Did And Said Things That Hurt Others, Or To Just Survive.

Some Remember Being Hungry Or Having Parents Leave Or Die. This Box Will Bring You Power If You Are Willing To Use It All As A Gift!

Each Moment You Were Hurt, You Stuffed It Into The Box. Now It Is Your Tool. You Have The Choice To Use Each Hurt To Change Your Heart To Pure Compassion. You Now Recognize The Pain Another Was Experiencing That Led Them To Harm You And Others In Such A Way.

You Discover The Depth Of Your Being Which Is Sacred And Loving. You Realize This Feared Box Is A Box Of Light! 

You Continue To Delve Into It And See How It Has Controlled Your Life, Your Personality And Actions.

You Are Ready For Change And To Become Empowered!

Thank God For The Box Of Pain Which Is Transformed To Light!  It Was Always A Gift, Just Waiting For You To Understand.

Use It To Show Kindness, To Care For People And Animals! To React To Anarchy With Peace And Wisdom.

To Stop Believing Lies! You Have The Answers Within!

Know That Everyone You Meet Has A Story. Each Has A Box Of Hidden Treasures.

It Is Free Will To Use The Box As Darkness And Pain, Or To Discover The Power Of Your Soul!

You Have All You Need To Live In Peace Within! You Can Make A Change That Affects This Planet!

I Want You To Know That I Truly Love You So!

Soon We Meet Face To Face!



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