Warning! This Is Not A Drill.

Published July 27, 2020 by tindertender

The one “organization” of the True Light is The Guardian Alliance. It is of the Angelic Army and they have a HUGE ship orbiting us. The other huge one is the Arcturian healing vessel.

This is not a drill …

The Galactic Federation are NOT your friends.

Their talk of ascension is a lure.

My personal belief is they are the Red Djinn, who’s only goal is to abuse, use, and eliminate humanity.

They have been attacking me for 17 years … as well as others.

They NEED humans and other life because they FEED on our energy.

They have plasma bodies.

They cannot generate their own light.

They steal it from innocence.

Use extreme caution when interacting with them.

They consider humanity a commodity.

No greater than a chicken, or sow …. Food.

If they try to make you feel ‘special’ and ‘loved’ know this, they are expert at double-speak.

I know this from personal, in-depth exposure.

Do not tread there.

If you have a love for your (and other) life.

Every species upon this planet are our family.

Each one is tormented and tortured by these should they get hold of them.

Beware … do not comply with these ones.

They mean to enslave your Soul.

They intend to steal your Light …

This is how they amass there ‘false’ illusions of being the Light.

They are not.

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