Alcohol and Other Substances: Unpleasant Truths

Published July 27, 2020 by tindertender

Written by:

Good day for some more (maybe) “unpleasant” truths – but at this stage of Gaia`s ascension I feel the need to tell more of the facts and not just “sugar-coats”: Alcohol and some other issues- let`s talk a bit about it.

Alcohol is engineered to make sheep vulnerable. It is for that reason why it is intensely pushed by the “Cabal” or “Deep State” or “Majestic Cabal”.

Roswell discoveries instructed through cause and effect predictions with the STARGATE to exploit alcohol. Limited character space.

Dense message. Roswell beings educated Mil Intel about consciousness and how it can be manipulated and exploited with substances. Alcohol is a pushed because it calcifies your pineal gland. Marijuana is prohibited because Roswell ZR explained its value.

Marijuana legalization will come with Disclosure because they are intimately connected to understanding the biological connection our consciousness has with other plants and species and what information those life forms are attempting to communicate and how. What is alien?

Alcohol instead impairs that mind body plant consciousness connection and interacts with you with a mark of the beast. Alcohol brings out the worst in humanity. This is why its pushed. Who worships the Devil? The Vatican does.

Belief in God is not required for belief in the Devil. The Majestic 12 in its earliest formations served the Vatican exclusively on all matters relating to God. The presence of beings were withheld from the Vatican by Mil Intel however the Vatican was already in open dialogue with ZR prior. As far as we were concerned, as long as the Vatican wasn’t against us, we could do pretty much anything. So we did. The Vatican wanted Disclosure kept from the public because they worship the Devil and feed on children.

Those networks were used for exploiting and collecting blackmail on politicians by creating classified sources and methods be individuals who have legally not committed a crime be responsible for finding volunteers who will act on their own accord in classified settings.

Typically this meant preventing the left hand from knowing what the right hand is doing. Those who were move the children were taught never to ask questions or you risk the chance of being killed next. Reasons of National Security were the threat of ETs in Space and the power hungry Vatican essentially forced the hand of the 257 United States through people’s faith in false and dogmatic religions.

Message before messenger – above Majestic


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