Dismantling The Illusion

Published July 14, 2020 by tindertender

Written by:

The illusion is very easy to innerstand when one let go of how things SHOULD be and start embodying what actually are. Everyone is a POWERFUL CREATOR BEING.

You create with your Focus, Fantasy, Belief, WILL and action. But really everything is about FOCUS – What you focus on will manifest.

SO when you focus on everything you don’t want, woala. There you go, wonderful creation and you get to experience just that. The illusions are to keep everyone focusing on what they don’t want and feel very low, sad, anxious, stressed and all that. To break free is to really take back ones power of ones focus and at the same time OPEN ONES MIND = THIRD EYE.

It’s that easy as your mind keeps your beliefs and even when you focus on what you want, you’re beliefs are still a part of you and that means also what you manifest.

So open your mind completely and then focus on the absolute BEST CASE, MOST OPTIMAL DREAM SCENARIO. Also, trying to control how this manifests for you will block it all from happening so let go of that, of everything while continue to focus on the most profound dream of creation.

Also, your FAITH in it is SO POWERFUL. You HAVE TO TRUST YOURSELF – TRUST GOD – THAT THIS WILL MANIFEST. This way you are able to let go of everything and then use your heart as a GOLDEN COMPASS, to really calibrate one now moment at a time.

Still, there is also your souls evolution so you will get tested by being put in situations that you feel “bad”.

When this happens, you know that you have two options – one is to change your perspective of that situation so you love that one too – really feeling it deep inside of you. Or you could choose to learn that lesson another time as you’re not yet powerful enough to face that.

Both are perfect – follow your heart!! Your mind will play tricks on you, your gut will play tricks on you so always go FROM HEART TO GUT AND MIND, not the other way around.

For this dream to come true one really has to learn how to love it all but each soul aspect have very different journeys there so one can not tell you what is true for you in your saga where you are staring the leading role. IT IS YOUR MOVIE AFTER ALL. So trust yourself.

Trust God AND MANIFEST ONE NOW MOMENT AT A TIME. It is this easy, yet it’s very hard as we have the human ego aspect that wants to interfere. This is bypassed by letting go of ALL JUDGEMENT and just trust your path. IT IS THIS EASY. Dance with creation.


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