Our Creation

Published June 27, 2020 by tindertender

Artists do not allow an outside influence to construct their painting, or other creation. It is born of their own accord.

Remember this when it comes to your character.

Who you are, is the masterpiece YOU create.

It is your art piece.

It is your statement to the world.

An original.

If an outside source is constantly telling you what your painting or creation should look like, what it should represent and so forth, it is no longer your perfect creation … it is tainted by outside influence and it is not 100% authentic.

Embrace YOU

You are magic, walking around spinning off pieces here and there wherever you go, affecting the world around you.

It is powerful

And when pure, authentic character and personhood blooms, it is the rarest flower (or bush, or tree, whatever analogy the masculine might like to use) and no other is quite like it … like YOU.

I had no idea Character Evolution could be so fun.

We get to choose our persona every moment. Who will we be today? Are we grouchy, happy, sad. Do we seem to fluctuate readily and often between such emotional states?

Control Your Mind

Take command of your output.

Of course there will be times when we burst open and spew that which we are attempting to leave behind, it happens. The key is in recognizing it when it happens, and making the shift … choosing your reality, not letting emotion steer the ship. It’ll crash more often than not.

Grab the reigns, ride this wild life like no body’s business!

Becoming the best version of YOU possible, through sheer Will Power!

Now that’s Strength!

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@hala_alasadi


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