What Is The Next Step?

Published June 22, 2020 by tindertender

In these days we can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the chaotic movements and energies around us.

We may become so overwhelmed that it is difficult to know which direction to turn, which project to tackle first, or be completely at a loss as to how to begin lifting the pile of worries from atop our heads.


In times of stress it is typical for us to lose our rhythm. Our muscles contract, our breathing becomes shallow or labored, and may include any form of release … outbursts, tears, fights.

If this is your current experience, stop.

Check in with your heart, your muscles, your breath, NOT the mind. Examine the tensions dwelling within your person. Focus on relaxing them, and releasing them.

Take time every morning to make a vow as to the efforts you will apply to the day.

What will you create? Where and how will you apply your energies to affect a benefit for the whole?

Our energies influence all others, just as ours is influenced by those we encounter.

Distinguish the subtle differences between your energy and that of those you have relationship throughout the day. Become familiar with what belongs to you, and that which you pick up on and absorb.

Reject any energies which are not yours if they are dark. There are many methods of this and I have found the best is to move, breathe and gently push the negative away.

As with all delicate energy work, we must be tuned in order to recognize the varying degrees of flow.

With time and practice, you will easily remove the energetic imprints people add in your experience. You will maintain balance. You will stop ‘reacting’ and will start ‘responding’. You will become an expert at energetic transmutation.

Control your emotions.

Do not be controlled by them.

In all instances, keep humility in mind.

None of us know it all.

Everyone has a lesson to teach.

Everyone has a lesson to learn.

It truly is a team effort, and the more of us who are aware and practicing, the quicker the transmutation process becomes, not only for self and personal relationships, but the flow of the entire world will begin to shift.


Keep going.

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@luciecapek

There are some wonderful suggestions on shifting energy here: https://www.consciouslifestylemag.com/energy-clearing-techniques/

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