Oracle Reading 6-9-2020

Published June 9, 2020 by tindertender

The gift of free-flowing liberty, movement through the world, deciding your own direction.

This gift of movement offers of freeing of the stagnant parts of your life, of the disentangling of the cords that have bound you, and the clearing of the way before you, so that you can go – and go where you dream and wish of. You finally begin to break free and explore more, either through movement of the mind, with ideas, or movement of the body – with joy in the expression of the body.

Divine and flowing inspiration.

The inspirational flow of energy can bring to life new projects, friendships, wisdom, and understanding. With every breath you take, you feel more connected, more unique, more divine, more magical. Let yourself feel the blessing surround you with a visionary new approach to your life.

Being seen for who you are, for being known and understood.

The gift of knowledge and recognition – both for yourself and others. With this gift comes the ability for others to connect with you in true love – for where there is understanding, there can be affection and comfort and a sense of ease in who you are. You belong in the presence of another when understanding comes. So, may you be blessed and be truly seen by others.


Reading from the deck “ Faery Blessing Cards” created by Lucy Cavendish

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