Oracle Reading 5-24-2020 #2

Published May 24, 2020 by tindertender

In this reading, you can read just the italicized portions for a more earthy meaning, or the non-italic portion for a more spiritual meaning. Read both together for a grand picture.

Know what you want and do what works. Refine your abilities. Transfer a skill set from one environment to another. Do not underplay what you are capable of. Give up the idea that you must be good at everything. Narrow your interests and build on your existing strengths to conserve output and increase your value. A creative response to change will see you flourish.

There is a higher purpose to everything, but currently it is not clear. Something in your life is changing, and it is unsettling. Soon, the pieces of the puzzle will start falling into place, and you will begin to find meaning in it. For now, trust in the refinement process, hone your ability for love and develop your capacity for compassion. As taints fall away, the truth becomes clearer.

A feeling that history is repeating. The pattens in your past – in your childhood, in your relationships, in your career – are escapable. Stop and learn the lesson so you can move forward. There is no need to mindlessly (endlessly) hit repeat. Look outside of what you know and break a cycle. Someone, perhaps the universe, is trying to tell you something. A unique response to a repeat problem is needed.

From the flawless patterns of your spirit, a great light shines upon the world. You are a leader, a healer, an inspiration, a free spirit … unrestricted by traditional thinking. A desire to be all you can be, and a vision for positive transformation, draws you into deep exploration and clarity. Break free, reshape your destiny and follow the spiraling, intertwining pathways of peace, love and wisdom.

You are you, in your own right, not as a reflection of circumstance, expectation or assumption. Define and trust yourself. A clear and simple answer betrays the true complexity of an issue. Resist the temptation to take someone or something at face value. A pattern of behavior reveals more than a single gesture. Go deeper, broader and higher to get a fuller perspective.

From the calm, neutral perspective of love, and free from the fear, guilt and judgement of this your higher self looks through the conflict and drama of the physical world and sees hidden meaning and purpose. From a distance, present chaos looks perfectly ordered. Seek greater awareness. Tune into the depths of your heart to find heavenly peace.

Find yourself by losing yourself in a conversation, a story or someone’s eyes. Be vulnerable, be emotional and be moved to deeper understanding. Empathy is required. Let the pain, suffering, love and joy of others find a home in your heart. Accepting another without reservation means accepting yourself, as well.

Focus on the subtle divine force inside you. Recognize this force in all things, for it is in all things and it is everywhere. Separation from the energy, beauty, grace and power of the Divine Mother is an illusion. Feel her fertility and everlasting peace inside you. Through her love, life unfolds with endless blessings. Through you, her love flows out upon the world.

A past or hidden event influences a current situation. Trust issues due to secrecy or deception. A childhood ordeal is brought into the light. Reflect on and draw your own meaning from it. Hold your broken self (or another) in a loving orbit until it is strong and beautiful once more. There are parts of yourself you are yet to realize. Take your time getting to know someone.

Beyond your thoughts there is the mirror of infinity. It is a clear space through which you will see your true reflection. Here you can see your whole self – your shadows and your light. See that you are beautiful. You have nothing to prove, nothing to hide; you are blessed and held in the loving field of the Divine Mother.

Sudden clarity amid adversity. Acute awareness of yourself and your circumstances. Finding unexpected strength and wisdom in a crisis. Realizing the limits of a situation … pressure cannot make diamonds from coal. Challenging a misconception or calling out a false promise. Isolate and develop an idea, talent or goal to excellence, without external influence. Trusting you will have what it takes when it matters.

All soon clears, heals and is resolved. Peace ascends within you like a glorious bud opening to the surface. Realization comes in a dazzling flash, and you will see the world and your soul as blessed as they truly are. Follow love to the peaceful space inside your heart, your power center, from which all is possible and all is available.


Reading from the deck “Sacred Earth Oracle” created by Toni Carmine & Leela J. Williams

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