Walk In The Park

Published May 24, 2020 by tindertender

Walking in the park I saw so many baby squirrels! They are used to people, the park is also a golf course and they have a larger green space with trees to dwell.

This little guy had a mouth full of straw-like substance. I almost walked right into him! I went around and he scurried to his tree. The pic is blurry, but they are so small and cute! Just slightly larger than chipmunks at this stage.

This one is bigger.

The paths were very nice. The wood chips make a nice springy run spot for those who do that. Help absorb the shock of the legs hitting turf.

A beautiful day to consider the ‘nice’ ways I can treat myself. I’m not even sure I really know how anymore.

One thing I DO know, is a scented bath is always relaxing … and so I will have one.

Blessings. May your evening be pleasant and your dreams peaceful.

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