History Repeating?

Published May 22, 2020 by tindertender

A sense that history is somehow repeating. A chance to do things differently, and, perhaps, secure a better outcome. To work with or break a cycle, you need to recognize it. Release stress, tension or anger before it builds to a storm. It may be necessary to walk away from a challenging personality. Difficulty breaking a habit or pattern of thinking. Establish a positive routine.

Through infinite cycles of life, death and rebirth, our souls stretch into timeless repetition. All the whole, your thoughts and actions draw from the past and feed into your future. The journey repeats as often as needed. There is no rushing through to the end. The cycle can be broken through wisdom, through detachment, through memory of the sacred, through a return to life oneness.

Listen, observe and better your chances. Rely on your direct experience. Do not be swayed reputation, gossip or a third party account. Trust your perception and interpretation of a situation. Be wary of gaslighting or of someone who undermines your sense of self and the world around you. Develop and hone your sensitivities.

Your senses are clouded by thoughts and emotions. Try to distance yourself from what others say, detach emotionally, quiet your judgements and clear your thoughts. Find a quiet place, preferably in nature, where you can relax and refresh your perception. Let your instinct guide you to the clear, unmistakable voice that comes not from your thoughts, but from your soul.

Withdrawal to the security of loved ones. Stumbling on or triggering a memory. Stories told in safety. Creative space. A message from the past, for the future. Your body remembers; listen to its story. Deep pain is transformed into wisdom and understanding. An inheritance, legacy or heirloom. Having access to the tools and knowledge you need. Be gentle with who you were and strong about who you will become.

If you are feeling lost, confused or are asking what life is all about, then it may be the perfect time to consult your original self. The one you keep hidden while you grow up and supposedly wiser around it. The sweet, loving, innocent you is not lost. Deep down, you still are that person. The original you exists outside of time, safe and awaiting rediscovery.

Oracle reading from the deck “Sacred Earth Oracle”

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