Friends Of Earth! April 28

Published April 28, 2020 by tindertender

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We Send Light To Your Heart Chakra And To All Life On The Planet!

The Energies Are Felt By All Animals And Nature In These Moments Of Feeling The Rippling Vibrations Of Changing Emotions!

As Many Are Increasing Their Inquiry Into Their Soul Purpose;

We Offer You Guidance To Have Clarity And Find Peace In Areas That Have Perhaps Caused You Pain And Regret!

Breathe Deeply And Remember You Are Perfect As You Are!

The Moments When You Judge Yourself Most Harshly And In Which You Feel You Let Yourself Down, Are The Most Deeply Yearned For As A Soul!

For The Moments You Regret Or Find Humiliation In Your Dream Story, Are The Very Moments For Which You Chose This Human Incarnation!

These Key Experiences Serve As Reference Points For You To Underscore The Themes You Have Acted Out With Self And Others.

Some Of These Are Part Of Your Soul Group And You Have Lived Various Stories With Multiple Themes To Expand In Depth And Understanding.

You Have The Power To Create And Draw Various Scenarios To Your Being So That Learning Would Become Unforgettable.

Your Darkest Hour Was Actually Your Shining Moment!

So Dear Beloved Ones, There Is No Reason To Feel Ashamed Of Anything!

If You Learned, Then Your Soul Made No Mistake, But Was Right On Target!

Well Done!

In All Of The Remaining Moments, Be Free And Find The Peace Within!

Set Your Intention To Become The Human Being That Will Excel In Loving Strength!

Be Brave Through It All And Know All Are Doing Their Best From Their Current Level Of Awareness.

You Truly Are All In This Together,

So Allow Compassion To Flow Easily And It Will Return To You!

Until We Meet In Light!


I Love You So!

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