Division through Fear

Published April 18, 2020 by tindertender

“A social structure devoid of integrity

Ran by rats, crooks and demons.

Fed too long on decadence,

Without understanding of what the real purpose of life is,

Individuality traded in

For Insect hive mentality

Not a collective built on love,

but one built purely for profitibility, sterile efficiency, and blind obedience

ultimately will become a death shrine,

as the bodies at home and abroad pile so high,

it’s hard to comprehend with the naked eye ,

The terror of what is done,

in name only of compassion, in the name only of freedom

And when the the last moral and value have been stolen,

The telescreens will come on,

filling the masses with terror, telling them to tremble in fear, and to trade what little freedoms they had left for the total illusion of safety. They will rationalize living in a cage,

It’s better than a life where they have to truly engage,

It seems so cozy

from the outside,

until the door slams shut and reality sinks in slowly

It eats you away from the inside.

You think you can survive off the state to protect yourself and your loved ones from the threat of death, and disease, little do you know the state has spent centuries creating realities far worse than dying,

as you’re stripped of everything it means to be a human being, your integrity ripped away from you,

your dignity thrown into a trash can, and if you resist, your body and mind tortured in ways you cannot imagine, you will obey your new master’s orders, your pharmaceutical technocratic overlords, they will tell you where to go, what to do, whom to speak, and how to think, they will tell you who is safe, and who it’s ok to shoot in the face, they will tell you what to say, and when to say it, they will tell you how long you can live, and you will obey it.

A very clear choice is going to be presented very soon, one side will be freedom, truth and love, integrated and balanced. The other will be enslavement, lies, and division, choose wisely.

-Dancing Cosmos

#freespeech #spiritual #art #mindsbusiness #philosophy


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