Friends Of Earth! April 13, 2020

Published April 13, 2020 by tindertender

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We Come To You In Truth And Light!

We Play No Games And Communication Is Not Entertainment!

It Is Well Understood That Only A Small Number Of Those Reading Messages, Will Have A Clue Of What We Speak!

This Does Not Matter, As This Is A Journey, Not A Race!

Breathe Deeply!

Presently I Am In A Mothership With Four Pleiadians And Six Arcturians!

We Rather Enjoy These Excursions To Explore And Enter Mountains For Meetings.

The Current Meeting Is In The Red Rocks Of Sedona!

Humanity Has Faced An Enormous Challenge Of Health And Prosperity!

3 John 1:2 ‘Beloved, I Wish Above All Things That Thou May Prosper And Be In Health, Even As Thou Soul Prospereth’.


Making The Choice  In The Face Of Adversity Is A Learned Reaction That You Are Encouraged To Practice!

By Making A Positive Choice, You Are Shifting The Energy Which Will Give You Conscious Command.

You Are Able To Shift The Outcome To One That Will Give A More Advantageous Result.

By Embodying This Practice, Your Life Becomes One Directed By Intention Rather Than The Unconscious Reflection Of Happenstance!


For You Do Create All Of It.

Know This And Be Free!

In These Moments Of Communication,

We Urge You To Be Kind And Patience With All Other Beings!

This Is A Sign Of Warrior Strength, Not Weakness!

Watch For Those That Attack And Call Names And Know This Is A Fearful Being!

Be The Light Being That You Are!

Do Your Best By Excelling In Love!

This Is Your Super-Power!

Soon We Rise And Allow All To View Our Magnificence!

We Will Greet You As The Beloved Friends You Are!

Well Done In The Earth School Of Chaos!

You Will Make It Through And Rise In Light!

I Am IKAI~Elder Of Taygeta

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