Race of Djinn

Published April 10, 2020 by tindertender

Written by: https://twitter.com/ChoicezNL

I always thought the Djinn were spirits but it’s more like a race. According to ancient texts and holy books, the Djinn were created long before the human race got created. And because the Djinn wouldn’t bow for this new race that was created by God/ Allah, they were cast into a parallel reality close to ours. A long war between the Anfeks and the Djinn followed. The Djinn have clans, a society, kings can shape shift and some of them show themselves as reptiles. (There is much more they can do) I find this book I am reading about it very interesting.

Anfeks = Angels

The Djinn feed off our energy and can also take on human form. In other old texts, for example Greek text there is also mention about the Djin only they had a different name.

Could these be the invisible enemy the United States President speaks of?

There may be some pointers here that might help us to better co-exist.

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