Published April 10, 2020 by tindertender

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Hello, beautiful warriors for the light. I address you today, on “Good Friday,” hoping you will work with Jesus, and me, to change the focus of the day.

Those of you who have had the opportunity to read or listen to Jesus’s book we have been discussing know that it distresses Jesus to think that the focus on his barbaric crucifixion, rather than his message, creates so much negative energy on the planet.

Jesus is so concerned that his message be what is focused on, rather than his death, that he wrote his book to clarify his teachings so we can change the energy that is being generated right now throughout the world.

And what is his true message? We know from his own writing, in his own words, that his message is one of gaining Higher Consciousness, by realizing our own energetic output is what creates our individual reality. How do we develop Higher Consciousness?

Higher Consciousness is reached by defeating the ego—and learning to love, forgive, and not judge ourselves and others. As Jesus clearly explains to his followers: Everyone is their own Messiah. We are all fractals of the Creator. There are no spiritual elites.

We cause the great majority of the joy, and difficulty, in our own lives because of our thoughts and actions. Life returns to us what we put out to others. Understanding how much control we have to change our lives is the true essence of Jesus’s message.

Jesus’s disciples who wrote the Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John; were Jews, who had difficulty processing Jesus’s message, and misinterpreted it. Then, the early Christian church further changed the message to control people with fear and judgment.

Jesus’s message was always very simple: LOVE and FORGIVENESS, and NONJUDGMENT are what brings happiness and joy. Many Christians believe Jesus did not teach about karma, but he did, when he simp,y said, “Judge not, that ye be not judged.”

So many of us store negative emotions in our bodies because we fail to process events in our lives that concern us. Instead of dealing with things and moving forward, we stash the energy in our brains and bodies, and go on to develop more problems because of the stored energy.

Jesus wants everyone to know that they could vastly improve the quality of their own lives, both in physical health and their relationships, and that of the energy of the collective consciousness, by simply focusing on healing oneself by clearing out that stored energy.

So how can we take this true message of Jesus out to the world, this weekend, to try to shift the dark energy created by those who focus on the barbaric crucifixion of Jesus? You can all help alter the energy on the planet, simply by making one tweet (or otherwise) about Jesus’s true message.

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