Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

Published March 22, 2020 by tindertender

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In These Moments Of Love And Chaos On The Planet,

I First Want To Say That You Are Worthy, So Loved And You Absolutely Have A Purpose!

Some Lose Their Way By Believing Their Purpose Is In The Personality.

This Purpose, Beloved Ones, Is Of The Ego Mind.

There Is Nothing Wrong With Finding This As Your Purpose,

Except The Absolute Fact This Belief Will Bring You Pain.

The True Purpose Comes From The Soul;

The True Self And The God Absolute That Breathes You And Brought You Forth Into This Density!

The Purpose You Find Here Is Very Different From The Ego-Personality.

All Humans Know They Are Temporary And Yet Most Get So Caught Up In The Story,

That They Forget They Are Divinity;

A Sacred Spirit That Has Come To Be Called A Soul By Thought Construct.

Each Soul Is Here For A Brief Moment And Did Not Just End Up On Earth By Chance!

The Soul Has Unlimited Abilities And Great Purpose In Just Being.

As You Live The Love, Loss And Challenges Of Being A Human With A Personality,

Remember That A Pure Soul Has No Personality!

There Are No Fights, Isolation, Virus Outbreaks, Lack Of Food, Or Fear!

That Makes YOU, Beloved One, A Fearless SOUL.

Be That Now As You Breathe Deeply!

It Is Possible For All To Forget Who They Really Are And Become Chaotic And Fearful!

But Each Being Arrived As A Complete Soul,

Knowing Many Of The Hardships, Handicaps, Loss Of Loved Ones, Employment And More!

And Yet Knew Their Worth Had Nothing To Do With The Story!

Each Moment You Remain On The Planet, 

Take Many Moments To Stop Thinking.

Breathe Deeply And Become The Observer Of It All!

In The Silence Of Your Soul There Is Only Peace.

This Is The Path All Can Choose And Find!

When The Personality Lines Up With The True Self, The Soul, You Will Find The Answers You Seek!

You Will Find The Peace In Each Storm!

You Will Remember There Is A Gift Waiting For You On The Other Side!

You Are A Powerful Soul And You Are Complete!

Send Love To The Planet, All People And Animals, All Nature!

Heal The Planet Beginning With Your Own Heart!

You Live In My Heart!

I Love You So!


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