Friends Of Earth!

Published March 12, 2020 by tindertender

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We Travel The Ethers In Densities That Not Only Pass Over You,

But Through You, As Well As All You Perceive To Be Solid!

As You Know That Your Form Is Primarily Water And Empty Space At The Atomic Level.

There Is Nothing On Your Planet Actually Touching!

The Absolute Consciousness Is Around Your Body Form As Well As In Every Fiber Of Your Being!

The Light You Emit From Self Is Like A Million Suns!

Breathe Now!

The Sacredness Of Your Power Is Hidden Beneath The Role You Have Taken On Voluntarily!

In A Moment, Like A Flash, In The Twinkling Of An Eye;

You Will Remember Your Connectedness To All Other Beings!

Now, In This Moment, You Are Indeed Part Of The Collective!

Being Caught Up In Endless Stories And Drama, It Is Easy To Be Distracted!

We Want To Assure You That You Are Always Safe!

No Body Form Will Last Or Remain The Same,

But Beloved Ones, Listen To The Silence Of Your Soul,

And You Already Know And Feel The Vibrations Are Increasing!

Your Density Is Allowing Your Chakras To Open And Guide You!

Every Being In Non-Physical Is Cheering You On!

The Multiverses Are Aware Of Your Presence In This Moment!

As You Observe The Coming And Going Of Puppet Bodies, Black Eyes And Schemes,

We Remind You Of What Really Matters!

The Light Of God Within You That Has Provided This State Of Being,

That Allows You To Breathe Another Moment,

To Be Thankful For Those That Love You And That You Love So!

To Remember That We Are One!

In The Flashing Of Crafts, To The Unseen Angelic Presence,

To The Little Dogs And Baby Birds,

Isn’t It All So Grand?

You Are Both The Blessed Ones And Such A Blessing For Those That Watch Over You!

Soon We Rise In Sacred Light!

Encourage Another As Yourself!


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