Notes From The Universe

Published March 11, 2020 by tindertender

Fret not.
Time is on your side.
So are all the angels.
And “no” is never forever.

Of all the people in all the world who actually “get it,” few, if any, actually give it to themselves.
The trick? Baby steps.
Give, just a little, today. Give credit, give praise, give goodies to yourself, and the Universe will give you even more.

Here’s a little “Inevitability Test” to check on the progress you’re making toward achieving any particular dream.
You’re pretty much doing something about it, every single day.

You know those feelings of euphoria, excitement, and inspiration that send your spirit soaring?
Well, they’re just me and all the angels, finally rushing through one of the many doors you’ve knocked upon, down the hall, and dancing into the light of your searching heart.
And those feelings of depression, sadness, and powerlessness that make you feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?
They’re us, too. Reminding you that there are still a few more doors to try.
Let’s get this party started,

All you have to do is be. Be yourself.
There’s nothing to prove. And there’s no one to please who isn’t already over the moon with joy at how well you’ve done and with who you’ve become.

It’s as if, when moving from point A to point B in your life — from sickness to health, poverty to wealth, whatever – at some point in the journey, arriving at point B becomes inevitable, a sure thing. However, at no point in your journey is this physically verifiable — until you reach point B.
The point being (yuck, yuck), you may have already crossed that line. But you’ll never know it, unless you see the journey through.

There will always be something else you could have said. There will always be something else you could have done. And there will always be another life you could have lived.
But, frankly, we’re still savoring all you did say, do, and become, in spite of so many reasons that you might not have.

Want to know how to tell whether you were born with the gift to heal? Or perhaps if your strengths lie in leadership? If you’re a left- or right-brained individual? Whether or not you’re truly a “people person”? Whether or not, given your beliefs… friends, laughter, and abundance will flow to you effortlessly, or should be diligently sought after?
Just decide.
It’s always worked before.

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