Published March 11, 2020 by tindertender

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Be careful of the extra devoted, the extra serious about you.

They might just be trying to fit you into a box.

What they might like the most about you, is the opportunity you’ve given them to check off the box of “stable relationship.”

Maybe they like that you make them feel good. Just a distraction from what’s going on elsewhere.

Sometimes being available and eager to commit, is not the healthiest thing.

Sometimes, prioritizing a person over another person, is not what should be done.

You can feel it in your bones: Are they looking THROUGH you, instead of at you? Are they eager to “lock you down,” simply because they are afraid of being alone?

Are they more nervous to be SINGLE, than what it means to be without YOU?

Are they in constant search of The One, and you just happen to be the convenient one available at this time?

Or, do you feel the hunger FOR YOU?

Your values, you identity, what makes you feel safe, loved, nourished, seen?

Are they curious about your life and wanting to be a part of it, to as much or as little as what feels good for you?

You know if someone wants you or just wants a partner, by how they treat you day to day.

The moment that you stop fulfilling their idolized partner role, is the moment they might crush you, leave you, abandon all kindness and respect.

Look for the ones who want to know all of who you are. Regardless if it is convenient for them. Regardless if it feeds their ego and makes them feel better or worse.

When they let you into their world, you will know it’s for real.

And it’s for keeps.

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