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I wonder what that is linked to?

Nanoparticulates of aluminum and other metals in the air, water and food, mercury in the vaccines … just pump the mind and body with metal, nothing to worry about.

Like hell …

Blue Cross Plans Say Alzheimer’s Has Tripled Among Adults Ages 30 To 64.

Early-onset dementia and Alzheimer’s disease jumped 200% among commercially insured Americans between the ages of 30 and 64 over a recent five-year period.

In 2017, there were 12.6 diagnoses per 10,000 adults of either early-onset dementia and Alzheimer’s disease for commercially insured adults aged 30 to 64, the report said. That compares to 4.2 diagnoses per 10,000 adults of early-onset dementia and Alzheimer’s disease combined for the same 30 to 64 age group in 2013.

Chemicals in Chemtrails: Toxic metals and other pollutants from aerosol spraying are damaging our environment and ourselves!

Breathe deeply …

Even though our government and military deny that these Chemtrails exist they have been proven real by citizens and researchers who have tested the soil and ground water under these Chemtrails. They have found a toxic brew that includes toxic heavy metals including barium, chromium, cadmium and nickel and other pollutants like mold spores, mycotoxins, polymer fibers and ethylene dibromide. These toxins are absorbed through the skin, inhaled, ingested from contaminated water and foods.

Toxic heavy metals in Chemtrails are extremely hazardous to humans and have been known to cause or exacerbate many health issues. Barium is toxic heavy metal that is found in rat poison and is used in industries like mining, refining, glass manufacturing and coal production. Barium toxicity can lead to low blood potassium, cardiac arrhythmias, gastrointestinal issues, respiratory failure, elevated blood pressure, kidney damage and even paralysis. Cadmium has been linked to heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Nickel, which has replaced Lead in gasoline, is a naturally occurring metal that has been linked to lung and nasal cancer and is associated with respiratory issues.

FYI ~ At this time the most effective way to remove toxic heavy metals is with EDTA Chelation. EDTA Chelation suppositories are the most effective and cost efficient way to receive EDTA Chelation.

We know that Chemtrails are real and are contaminating our environment with a toxic mix of toxic heavy metals including Barium, Cadmium and Nickels and other contaminants. The reason that Chemtrails from aerosol spraying are being used is still in question but the fact that they are intentionally introducing toxins into our environment is not.

The majority of toxins in Chemtrails seem to be a mix of toxic heavy metals. These toxic heavy metals are known to cause health issues ranging from respiratory issues to cancers so it is imperative to remove them from your body. Over the past 50 years the most effective heavy metal detoxifier has been EDTA. Traditionally EDTA was given by I.V. infusion or taken orally. But both of these methods have serious drawbacks. I.V. EDTA infusions are expensive, time consuming and require blood tests. Oral EDTA products are ineffective as over 95% of the EDTA is destroyed in the stomach before it can be utilized.

The most effective way to receive the benefits of EDTA Chelation is with EDTA suppositories. The EDTA in suppositories is 95% absorbed through the colon wall and will stay in your body up to 4 times longer than EDTA from an I.V. Plus expensive blood tests are not required with EDTA suppositories.

Many videos, photos and materials found at the below link from our pioneer on the subject of geoengineering, Dane Wiggington.

“As a last resort” … they’ll admit they’ll be doing it … leaving out that they HAVE been doing it. What a evil group, toxifying the planet and all life upon it. They only admit, once they have data.

“The National Academies last October launched a study into sunlight reflection technologies”

What do you suppose happens when a shit ton of nanoparticulates of metals are injected into the atmosphere? Do you think it will have an affect on the magnetosphere of the planet? Potentially causing polar unsteadiness?

Do you think the metal substances in the atmosphere are inhibiting the moons ability to move tides? Which essentially is causing flooding, and drought?

The souls are toxic. The plant life has also absorbed these metals and toxins. Their health has declined, proven visually … this is proof of the severe extent we are in currently.

These health issues also apply to the human body, the bodies of the animals we care for or eat. Yes … we are flooded with it.

Turn on 5G, hit life with HAARP and D.E.W.s, clean up, and start over. (What happens when you apply electricity to a body of water that is filled with metal?)

What Happens If Electricity Hits Water?

Lightning … D.E.W.s … same/same

Lightning can cause injuries in several ways:

  • Direct strike: Victims may sustain a direct strike, which is often fatal.
  • Contact injury: This occurs when lightning strikes an object, such as a car or metal pole, that the victim is touching.
  • Side flash: This occurs when lightning splashes or bounces off an object, such as a tree or person, onto the victim.
  • Ground current: This occurs when lightning strikes the ground near a victim and the ground current passes from the strike point through the ground and into the victim.
  • Streamer: When the air is charged with electricity during a lightning storm, bursts of energy, or streamers, can come upward from objects near the ground. Sometimes these streamers travel upwards through people, causing harm to the victims.
  • Blast injury: The lightning’s blast effect, thunder, may cause either primary injury, such as ruptured eardrums, or tertiary injury, such as blunt trauma when the victim falls or is thrown.

The current horrific events in this world are not biblical … they are man created. This is not the destroyers first rodeo, proven by the jumbled mess of a “story” called the Bible they’ve fed people for decades to corroborate their current actions.

Bullshit con-artists.

Covering the sun once more, f-ing with the temperatures, the seasons, the weather, and the health of ALL life, including that of the planet.

Evidence of HAARP

They’ve completely taken over the weather regulation of the planet. I will attest they are not as good at the job as our Earth.

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