Light Of My Heart!

Published March 2, 2020 by tindertender

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We Shine As One And The Multiverses Smile At Our Unity!

Through Echos And Ripples Of Timelessness,

We Were One.

Through The Gift Of Creative Force And Free Will;

We Chose To Explore The Densities!

As We Dance Now, We Have Danced Before!

From A Density Shared By Angels,

We Are Seen In Our Perfection!

Moving In All Directions And Exploring In Ecstatic Frequencies.

Perception Came That We Were Many.

Choices Of The Sacred Spectrum From Darkness To Light,

Caused Perception Of Division And Creation Of False Powers.

In Thought, We Give Power To That Which Draws Our Attention.

The Outcome Every Moment Is Only The Manifestation Of What We Believe To Be Truth!

You May Ask Yourself Now, If Fighting Over Differences Is Worth Your Peace!

Do You Believe That The ONE That Created All Is Entirely Communicating With All Life?

You Must Understand That You Are This Life!

Arrival To This Waking Dream Is Only The Beginning Of Finding Your Way Home!

As You Remember You Are The Sacred Essence Of ONE,

You Will Remember Your Limitless Power;

And You Will Smile Deeply As You Look At Another And See Yourself!

You Are Power And Love And Nothing But Endless Beauty Is Yours Infinitely!

Maybe You Just Forgot!

As We Move Close In Unity,

We Bring Forth The Great Shift Of Humanity!

For Soon We Rise As One! +++

I Love You So!



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