Published February 26, 2020 by tindertender

Written by: https://twitter.com/ArchangelAmongU

Today I will be discussing what you can expect over the next few years, and why it will occur. Humanity, as a group, creates its own future and can change it still.

Through its division one with the other, primarily along political and religious lines, humanity creates a consciousness that produces much hatred and resentment. As you know from your own lives, those emotions create discord and problems. The Earth stores the energy.

Since the Earth stores the energy you put out, the Earth as a living planet has to clear itself of your energy for it to survive. It does this through the process of naturally occurring events where it shifts and allows energy to escape from it. These events occur all the time.

The magnitude of these events goes from minor earthquakes and fires and hurricanes, to major events of catastrophic proportion because of the energy humanity puts out that has to be cleared from the living planet.

I’ve seen several questions asking, “Are we going to have a flood of Biblical proportion?” Unfortunately, the answer is, as it stands right now, “Yes.” The flood of Noah’s time was not worldwide, but regional, the whole “world” as the world was known at that time.

This flood could still be avoided if you would all break down all of these political and religious constructs you use to blame everyone else for all of the problems that exist in your world. You could still avoid it if you would come together in love and unity.

What we see now is that your systems of locking each other out of your parts of the world will create barriers so those who come to help you can’t get into the countries which will be most profoundly affected. None of you own the planet, or where you live.

You are experiencing First Contact all around you as the soul groups who are your guardians are moving their souls in and off of the planet according to service plans. They were largely prevented from doing this till we removed the Frequency Fence last Summer.

Others throughout the galaxy already know what is going to happen here and they are ready to come to your service. You must understand that ALL of the powerful governments on this planet do not want you to receive help from your galactic neighbors. Why is that?

As I have stated already at least several hundred times, the governments on this planet you have thrown your support behind are controlled by the two ET races that have always kept you in misery, slavery, and ignorance. They are playing the long game to get you to follow them.

These governments you think have united you have only divided you more against each other. They have created more hatred and disdain for each other than we have ever seen on this planet. You are, as a group, moving backwards in developing Higher Consciousness.

Your governments have even created a space force to fight off the ones who would try to come and help you in your upcoming horrors. Why would they do this? Again, as I have said many times, your government and religious leaders want you to believe in them.

Very few from the galaxy are brave enough to show up here because when they do, your governments try to shoot them down. You all get out your guns and hunt them. This confounds us, as the threats to you are those you elect and support with your churches.

Your governments will not be able to provide all that you will need in what awaits you on this planet. You will need help. You need to come together and recognize the situation you have all caused together and resolve to act as a worldwide family.

You all need to reach across your borders and embrace those around you who will serve you in your time of desperate need. You need to open your hearts and put away your guns, so that others will be willing to come and help you at a this time.

These natural disasters that will affect your whole planet in one way or another will create a huge stream of refugees. Those countries who have treated refugees the worst will see their energy returned as they become a nation of refugees themselves.

How you care for each other in this time of crisis will help you develop polarity, as Service to Others, or Service to Self. Resolve now to care for each other. Start today to change the energy by reaching across political or religious divides and extend unconditional love.

Many of you would progress so much faster in your ability to serve if you would just hear my one thing I have been trying to tell all: Your political ideas are holding you back. They will hold you back forever unless you see political factions on all “sides” are using you.

This great awakening that is happening is not because of your political leaders. It is because it was time. Those who have tangled it with political and religious movements have done so because they want you to trust them, so they can enslave you at the time of the harvest.

Use this time of your great awakening to move your efforts away from the service of political and religious leaders, to those of service and love to each other. You all want the same things for yourself and your family. This “right” and “left” business are artificial divisions.

If the West continues to hate the East, and the Right and the Left continue to hate each other, you are only clinging to the very tools of oppression you have all cried out to be freed from. Free yourselves. Love each other. Your greatest trial as a soul group is at hand.

All of the leaders I refer to hope you will see them in the very same way. That is how humans were first enslaved. It wasn’t with chains and whips. It was by offering humanity a path they viewed as an answer to all the problems they saw around them, by blaming everyone else.

You all think the “other” side is evil. You are all the same side. Focus on developing your own higher consciousness and respect the free will of others. The Creator respects all of your free will and hopes you will do the same for all others.

The karma associated with not honoring the free will of others returns to you exactly what you put out into the world. No one is entitled to judge anyone else, even if they disagree with their actions.

Karma is the absolutely precise method of serving divine justice. No one gets away with anything. That’s why it’s so important not to judge. The Creator set up the perfect system for justice.

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