Parasitic Attachment

Published January 18, 2020 by tindertender

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Do not be mistaken in believing others who see that you have given your all to the Truth and feel that they now have the right to make requests of you and take what they perceive is ‘left’. There is no thing left, if you have fully devoted to truth.

One who has done this will be seen by those interested in the illusion, as a source of nourishment to be taken from at will. That is an aspect of the delusion of the conscious energy format of interaction and feeling.

It’s not a battle, directly, but you will be tested and if you have unprotected insource, those who do not have that will naturally attract to you, by a measure of energetic interaction.

Those without regenerative capacity will naturally attempt to merge their consciousness over yours and devour whatever energy they perceive as being ‘helpless’

Those who cannot regenerate, cannot perceive that one giving their energy away, nearly infinitely, could ever still have enough energy left to defend themselves to simply resist a prying, plying, *greasy* mind.

Many people who have given their energy to goodness, and are partially continuously building aspects of this world, become confused upon seeing those with this level of energy interaction and energy requirements (with limited resource and nourishment potential).

Those who then spill their energy into a wasteland that is no giver abundant regeneration have to expend effort pulling that energy from others in they have access to interacting with, in ways that attempt to energetically dominate through force or deception.

Both paths become parasitic as more energy is required to sustain those interactions than is available through the physical biology. The mind becomes energetically dulled and tainted.

It’s an impossibility for someone with low mind energy to not parasitically absorb the energy of someone with abundant mind energy. This happens as a process of physics, an interaction within the cells related to light interaction. The cells of the body of a low mind create pull.

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