Embracing New ‘Form’ In The Formless

Published December 30, 2019 by tindertender

I’ve deleted Facebook, Minds and Twitter from my smartphone thinking social media a destructive activity.

Yet, sometimes, it just might be the necessary distraction we need … or is this idea only part of the wormhole I find myself in?

Partaking of the Earth in any manner, regarding foods and medicines grown, in no way insinuates ones life is for sale … or their spirit, or soul.

Creator (#1) gave us these things to sustain ourselves. Use of them is good, not to be harshly judged, unless it harms others, or self.

Life must be honored, all forms, all ways.

Past actions are the result of, sometimes, years of training by those in a corrupt world.

We now step out from this, into the New.

Vision blurred yet perfect still … is ‘alteration illusion’ present, or is it real?

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