Published December 20, 2019 by tindertender

Written by Maria Palumbo ~;

Being met is not what the new age goddesses say.

It is not about flexing a muscle.

Practicing a new rule.

Being in your feminine or being mysterious.

It is not nearly as sexy as we are taught.

“Do not settle until you are met.”

No one tells you that when you are MET it will HURT.

The ego is shaken, and you will experience what it is like to truly want something.

To really be all in.

You can no longer haphazardly vaguely be involved in your life. All of a sudden you WANT and you WANT BIG.

And to want something means there is an emptiness. To hunger means you have SPACE in your body, to let it in.

A divine delicious painful hungering.

All of the rules that worked before, won’t work here.

This one LIVES OUTSIDE of the rules.

All of the games you play and the ways you hide, won’t fly.


All of the stories you have taught yourself about love, no longer exist.

This person wants to write a NEW story with you.

One where you both have no idea what you are doing other than you value the PARTNERSHIP over all other things like:

  • ego
  • being right
  • looking good
  • living safely outside of needing and wanting the other

It is DANGEROUS to really need someone else. To wake up in the morning and feel a subtle unease, until you can nuzzle their neck.

It is MORE dangerous to try to keep yourself from the need (that blessed wretched aching for another). In an attempt to stay safe. To keep things simple.

Being met is not pretty.

It means all of your parts are called out. All the ugly, the true, the mean, the gentle, the perfect, the dirty, called out to be loved and seen in a way you never thought possible.

And the ugly doesn’t want to be loved. It wants to hide and become worse and grow bitter and resentful and hold onto all the old beliefs like:

“I am not good enough to be loved by someone good.”

“I will destroy anything beautiful I have.”

“No one normal will want me.”

You get to live outside all the things you told yourself about love. And create something better. Scarier. But so much better.

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