Perception ~ Retraction and Expansion

Published December 20, 2019 by tindertender

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Humanity was the orphaned child, alone in the back room, told the adults are ‘baking cookies’ upstairs, while there is a full on war going on outside. In our angst and naivety, we allowed ourselves to believe the little altered perception.

Now we are the near adult, forcing ourselves to understand that what we believed as children was just a misdirection. We feel a welling in the chest in that we know it was done for the best, but the application in life wasn’t the most exceptional in this regards.

Many people are lost and afraid. Through this awakening into a world that contains an intensity in the variation of contrast beyond the likes anything we’ve ever seen, we lose the part of ourselves that is incapable of knowing the truth, the part that wants to still dream.

But through that arousing to greater self awareness, we gain self control over those serious aspects of life that we were allowing to be blown into the wind by the highest, lowest bidder. We are the adults, being told the truth about our childhood suspicion.

What we are missing, is one another. What was taken away from us, was not riches and the glory of victory, it was the peace of mind to interact and comfort one another and to achieve our success collectively. Imagine that. Right now, we achieve destruction, collectively.

What this means is that the mental tide, the energy, the restrictions on energetic interaction, entropy and mass conservation, is defaulting towards self destruction. Regardless of what happens, if no one does anything, with this trend, it all dissolves, under its own weight.

This would occur, almost as if by design or by implemented force, from within. If we flip the ‘universal’ scale, it doesn’t have to mean we fly around ‘space’. It means the ‘trauma’ tide, moves outward and ‘entropy’ expands to invert (revert) itself into ‘negetropy’ (by theory), (unless you have seen outside the Human perceptual dome that began to form, around your head). It could mean, that by doing ‘nothing’, you would default to living a very long time with a very low level of entropy. That the universe is ‘turned inside out’, ‘upside down’, for – The Humans here and that on the ‘other’ energetic ‘side’ of the membrane of this space, there is literally the opposite effect, and everything you build, all atomic structures, and molecular changes are sustains and last forever by the Higher Mind System there.

Ultimately, we connect to ourselves there that are representing here and the power is capable. Other than that, we’re just sloshing around in the dark.

This does sound like fairy tale.

It’s machines, literal machines, big buzzing, generators and giant craft. It’s “real”.

If that’s ‘real’, because it ‘makes’ this place, then this place is ‘something that comes out of that’.

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