One Thing You Never Want To Do …

Published December 20, 2019 by tindertender

… Watch someone you love, that has fought so hard to beat addiction, throw everything away & sink back into a life that will most likely lead to jail or death. You want to grab & shake them & say “What are you doing?!?!” But, at some point, you realize that it wouldn’t make a difference.

So you sit back and watch the tragedy unfold as if you are watching a movie. Feeling helpless to stop it, feeling like you haven’t done enough to help, even though you know only the addict can help themselves.

Battling a drug and/or alcohol addiction is a beast for the person addicted & the ones who love them. It’s very hard to watch them cycle through the drinking (or drugs), making stupid mistakes, one right after another. Try to recover and become a normal person for a while until something triggers them back into bad habits.

What is worse, is a family member or “friend” who constantly reminds a recovering person of their past mistakes, insinuating they are still happening … actually assisting in the creation of this perpetual ‘story’.

So l am asking you to stand with me in prayer/and or meditation for every family member & friend who has lost or is losing their battle with drugs & alcohol & those who continue to conquer it!

If you cannot be supportive and lift another … then simply remove yourself from their endeavor of a better life and reality … or you will have to be removed by those who sometimes are barely holding on to sanity.

God bless the addict who still suffers🙏

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