Dancing Within Perception

Published December 14, 2019 by tindertender

So often when I encounter another human, I experience them looking, but when we actually near each other they avert their gaze. I wonder why.

Why is it we are sensitive to others visual contacts? I believe it has something to do with fear.

Fear that someone may read something in the glance … fear they may make assumptions of what the facial expressions mean.

As a rule, many people are hyper-sensitive.

Insecurities developed over time create a limited capacity for opening up to the possibilities that others may see something incredible in us … thinking instead they will see all of the ‘wrongs’ we see about ourselves.

It seems apparent many folks do not see how truly special they are.

What each individual has to offer the world is a one-of-a-kind offering. No one does anything exactly the same.

There may be a tendency to mimic that which is loved or admired, appreciated, but the results are not quite the same as the original. This is because each person is unique, only sharing the same ability to create.

Children’s imaginations are so free! They daydream of what they one day will become. That ‘one day’ is here and what we have ‘become’ is a conditioned example of what our surroundings dictated.

There is always choice, and every day – each moment – a new beginning. We can change our minds … all of us.

How deep within do you wish to go? How well do you recall the child you once were? Can you remember the freedom you felt in just being you?

That “you” that is in memory still exists, that part of you that did not have a care in the world is still within you.

It is your base.

If you do not appreciate where life has taken you, reach within.

Begin again.

Free yourself from fear of others perceptions. Do not self-criticize.

You are perfection in motion, and the flow that is you makes the Universe sing.


Not everyone will try to strip you of joy …

Perhaps, only those who refuse to look directly into the eyes of another.

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