Morning Movements

Published December 13, 2019 by tindertender

In my reflection I saw a beautiful cactus flower growing out the top of my head. There were thorns galore all around it and its petals were a delightful orchid color. (Stay off my crown y’all).

The Night and Twilight were the first lovers, ever.

I am the sea. Obviously there will be shifts in the levels of my depth.

Stop, look, listen to your heart.

To see the Polar “ends” of a thing is an exercise. Seeing it, balancing it, noticing that ALL things have polarity.

The gap seems to be lessening.

The thing that annoys me most is men (and women) who’s goal is to make people either part of the Offensive or Defensive position. I am perturbed even more when it works for a time.

Thank Creator and Father Time for the opportunity to absorb these lessens. To Be Here …

Merging of tones, creating harmony that soothes the mind.

Have you ever thought, “I must be the most complicated person in the world.” Imagine this thought in the minds of ALL you meet.

You are not alone.

Most of us have no way of seeing the emotional and energetic scars of others. The closest we can come is inwardly touching our own, remembering them, and then entertaining the possibility that these same scars may reside inside of others, to a greater or lesser degree.

If we consider our own suffering to be as anothers we might be more inclined to be gentle. Emotional wounds baffle the mind and blind the heart. It can inhibit the capacity to function normally … like drinking and driving … or drinking and some other not so smart thing.

It (the wound) needs to be brought forward into the light, so it can be reconciled, healed, and a new way birthed.

I see hopes and dreams … those that have been, and those yet to be. I see joy and peace. I see comfort and ease. I see that which I am grateful for, the wonders of being, and I surround myself with thought provoking potentials.

I turn off the floor lamp, and i light the morning candles. I stretch, I bend, my body warms. I look around, and am thankful for this day.

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