Balance Necessary ~ Deliberate Harvest of Another’s Blessing

Published May 21, 2023 by tindertender

Why do you think the programmer wants humans in a perpetual state of war? Of killing and hurting each other?

Because in this world of duality there must be balance. If you are kept in a state of having to cause harm, or defend your life, someone else is getting your blessing.

Why do you think the immigrants who rape women and children are pouring over the borders? When police can’t even keep the rapists and murderers in jail? To force you to do harm, or be harmed, to protect yourself, so the programmer can keep your blessing.

It’s all meant to either keep the people in fear, or keep them hating and hurting each other.

In a balanced world of polarity, it’s how it works.

If you refuse to do dirty, the programmers are left with their program.

So they force you into it. By sending others to attack you.

Choose …. Consciously.

If you attack and harm others, you’re choosing misery, and someone else in the world (the hidden programmers) are gaining your blessing. Leave misery. Cut it off. Let it be with itself, and whoever wants it manifested in the world. Let the mutation keep its works.

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