Rewire Your Brain, Reform Your Life

Published May 11, 2023 by tindertender

Much like we choose the content on our social media, we also control the content of our minds, and life, through choice.

Social media is easy. We just block people or unfollow them.

In life it’s a little different. It becomes an entanglement of energies. It can be difficult to extract ourselves without some form of damage.

We choose carefully our relationships.
We choose carefully the thoughtforms that reside in our field of consciousness, rejecting those that bring imbalance, allowing those which bring harmony.

Creation occurs in the field of consciousness. Repetitive thoughts will generate a certain vibration and frequency.

In the olden days folks listened to programming on the radio. They had their favorites and filled their minds on the regular.

Then the programming got more sophisticated. Picture and sound were combined, it had greater impact on consciousness.

Now picture and sound have combined in a way that is interactive, holding the attention raptly.

Where is our ”content” coming from? Is it external being absorbed, or internal, sending out. Are the thought energies spread out to many points, or is the point singular? Is it fragmented and chaotic or focused and directed?

Believe it or not there IS a war being waged right now for dominance of the collective consciousness. The “programming” is quite successful. It is my hope that awareness of, and then action to counter interference occurs.

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