Who Controls the Mind Space?

Published May 11, 2023 by tindertender

Folks don’t realize thoughts and desires they took to be their own we’re merely implants to generate a desired circumstance in the world. Control the people, control the world.

If you love much, you must also suffer much. In this space of duality, there must be balance. I’m ready to go home. Where love and kindness reign. It’s polarity has love of hurting others.

Here in the shared space, it’s balanced. But it got off kilter, so now balance will need to be forcefully restored.

It’s all programming, especially if addiction to tv, drugs, porn, alcohol … these things open the auric field and allow “programs” to write in the bioforms software.

Higher messages are “inspiration”.

The difference is subtle. Some would argue they’re the same. They are not. One is invasive and controlling, the other gentle and assisting.

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