Sharing Is Caring

Published May 2, 2023 by tindertender

Some of us went thru severe mental, emotional, energetic infiltration. We had to fight for our Soul. We’ve been under spiritual attack our whole lives. We’ve learned things, about what’s really happening and what to do to help ourselves in the process of freeing ourselves.

I can tell you one thing, I wouldn’t be where I am today without the gracious assistance received by the seen and unseen who know more than I. They came when I needed them most. I try to reciprocate to the world these blessings.

No matter how much we wish to help others, our testimony is not received well by the majority. I’ve learned that people actually want to learn the hard way, so I keep my “wins” to myself for the most part and allow others their journey. I now wait for an invitation to share.

Caring often leads to a rush to assist. However, most aren’t ready or willing to receive.

We all will land in the space meant for us. I hope it’s a good space. I wish humanity the best.

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