Perfectly Natural

Published April 13, 2023 by tindertender

Some question whether the state of being be “natural” in people.

For the teen close to the budding, I’d say yes. The bioform should be at its peak with all cells, chemical constitution and nervous system fresh in it blooming, and for the mental, spiritual, energetic and physical being … emotionally there is probably some instability, especially in this state of the world.

As we age, the bioform chemical structure changes. The “wealth” of the body begins to waste away. The electrical system just doesn’t function like it did in youth, largely due to environmental hazards … toxic food and water, parasite infestation, among other things like addictions and stress.

What if as one ages they take supplements which enliven the cellular structure? Plant medicines which benefit the bioform, assisting in its “cylinders” firing off beautifully.

Some say it isn’t natural if you have to use supplements. Yet, food is a supplement … or a toxin. The bioform requires it from day 1. So is it really “not natural” to feed the body good thru food, drink and herb?

Manipulation of the bioform happens in a negative (toxic food and drink, no activity) or the positive (proper nutrition, regular movement).

I feel there’s always someone manipulating peoples body and energy. Why is it anything different when a person takes the steps to learn herbology and care for self despite the manipulation by others thru food, drink, and electromagnetic smog?

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