Marriage: Merging Bloodlines

Published April 5, 2023 by tindertender

It never really struck me until the ”dream” I had about it two nights ago.

Two fathers, One with 4 daughters, One with several sons … 5?

The fathers were investigating the bloodline, considering if it were worth connecting and interbreeding within.

I figure at least 1 daughter will merge with the others son.

For some families, bloodlines, this consideration is critical. Are they of good stock? Are they well to do? How do they conduct themselves, in public and private? Are they clean? Are they respectable? Are they held in high esteem? Are they of force? Or Power? Are they pure, as in having innocence? This is the family line we’re talking about after all.

In other places, it’s about loooove …. Falling in love, uniting bloodlines, falling out of love, separating.
Falling in love again, uniting bloodlines, falling out of love, separating. And so on.

Cording …

When I think of this, women who have perhaps 3 or 4 children with different men, and men who father children with different women … I think about all the bloodlines that individual and those created by the union, can actually birth into. Gets messy if you’re into reincarnation. The controllers probably none too happy about the mess.

How to correct it?

Eliminate those who are of messy bloodlines, move them into a separate realm.


Patented technology, and the good ol’ fashioned way of transition.

Bloodlines are important for offspring and generations to come.

But in some places it’s not about wealth or blood or status or stature… it’s about that oh so sweet and mostly fleeting thing called “love” … which many mistake as lust.

How to clean up the bloodlines?

Unravel time, reconstruct it. Allow vibrational/generational patterns to magnetize to their specific match.

Here’s a catch tho…

Before we were birthed into this material body, we Were already. From whence did we come? What bloodlines were those? Our origins. “Before” this dense body/mind set.

Remembering the dream.

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