Published April 6, 2023 by tindertender

There’s a co-worker in the next room over. I hear him talking and have for the past year or so. He’s older, loves video games and movies, is married, quite calm in the face of agitation, and he laughs all the time. Sometimes at stuff that isn’t funny, like laughing is just one of his go to’s as he walks away from someone, or has any kind of conversation.

There’s a gal here who laughs all the time too. I listen and I wonder what’s wrong with them that they find so many things funny.

Then I wonder, is there something wrong with me that I see so much cause for seriousness in the world?

Two different personalities… some just let stuff roll off them with a laugh, others tend to analyze things, holding onto them and the inner friction it creates.

I’d like to laugh more, but laughing in todays circumstances seems sort of shallow.

Maybe I’ve been taking the last 20 years of spiritual attack too personally. Maybe I really just need to “disengage”, however that might look.

Yes, I’d prefer to laugh more, if only folks would stop messing around in my “fields”.

… Or despite the interference.

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