“Assault” Weapons in Washington State

Published April 6, 2023 by tindertender

I’m seeing a lot of ignorant posts calling for more gun control laws. Here’s some info to help combat the ignorance.

I know many people aren’t even aware of the restrictive gun laws that are already in place in our state because your posts are saying you want to ban things that are already banned in our state. Stop allowing fear-mongering media and politicians to convince you that we need tougher laws because we have them already and criminals don’t care.

The only thing an “assault rifle” does to get that ignorant label is: 1-They have black plastic outer parts instead of wood/metal. 2-They eject the empty bullet cartridge and load the next round using the gas pressure from firing a bullet instead of manually ejecting and loading. (More than 70% of hunting rifles use the same EXACT mechanics and function exactly the same but “look” less scary.) 3-That’s IT. It is not a weapon of mass destruction. It fires one single shot for each trigger pull, just like a revolver, a bolt action rifle, a shotgun.

The gun show loopholes have been closed in our state. We have mandatory background checks and a waiting period for EVERY SINGLE GUN SALE in our state. They just banned the so-called “assault rifles” last week in our state. There are mandatory training courses to take in our state. They banned high capacity magazines in our state. There is nothing left for them to “pass” for gun safety.

Every single law that politicians are trying to pass at this point to “protect the children” is literally them disarming the populace so they can do whatever they want. We’ve seen this scenario play out over and over and over with horrifying results throughout history.

These criminals that are shooting up schools didn’t care about any of the gun control laws that are in place because they are not going to abide by any laws. If they did, the laws banning murder and assault would have stopped them without the need for any other laws.

People need to stop taking away peoples rights to defend themselves under the guise of trying to save children.

Blind, ignorant sheep are the ones asking for harder laws. We HAVE THEM. They are not doing any good.

If you want to save children, advocate for better mental health care and ban highly processed foods because crazy people don’t follow laws, and children are 28 times more likely to die from obesity than from guns.

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