Parasitic Infestation

Published March 10, 2023 by tindertender

It just occurred to me that trichinella spiralis in the muscles (including the brain) is how these 4D parasitic entities access our consciousness. It’s never talked of, for the “rulers” of humanity utilize this method to keep the human collective in lower vibrational frequencies, coupled with the programming in movies and media and patented voice to skull tech it’s a breeze to format people’s lives.

They hone in on the frequency of the parasites.

Cleansing, deep cleansing, may help in this. It seems to me NAC is working to eliminate such things, by the sensations I’m having in legs and skull. I’m going to add wormwood, and also add wormwood to dmso cream for legs, and wherever else I feel twitches.

THIS (parasite infestation) is why many don’t eat pork (especially) and other undercooked meats.

Parasites embedded in the muscles (and brain according to another site I read, I’ll try to find it). They say there’s no cure once they’re in the muscle. I’m going to prove them wrong.

I actually have apricot seeds. I bought several bags of them. I knew they fought cancer naturally, but at the time I did not know cancer is caused by parasites.

I’m going to add this to my regimine. I’ll start slow with everything so as not to shock my body.

It’s way more common than they make it sound. I’m thinking they are cause for stroke and aneurism’s too.

There’s a reason they won’t ever suggest treating it. Sickness makes them lots of money. Greed!!

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

Seeds carry B17. Seeds carry low doses of cyanide. God/Creator gave us the trees with fruits bearing seeds. We were instructed to eat of them. He did not say to eat the animals.

Some interpret this to mean we eat the fruit and plant the seed. What if He meant were were to eat the seeds also to keep sickness away?

Bloodroot has a lot of significant healing abilities, used cautiously. It helps with cancer, and also may help cure a parasite infestation. Do your research, be cautious with this one.


Testimony Report:

After 3 applications of Bloodroot in dmso cream the twitching and movement in my muscles (parasites) has significantly decreased. I will continue doing this morning and evening until my wormwood arrives, then I’ll switch to it and do the same. I’m gonna kill these muscular parasites if it’s the last thing I do.

I take 2 first knuckle pulls of the cream, add 6 drops of bloodroot, mix then apply. I’ve been covering my whole body, or as much as I can reach (the back is tough to get).

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