Soulless NPC cringe is on Full Display

Published January 20, 2023 by tindertender

By @AnknetAmenti

A soul being is never so asleep that they forget empathy, compassion, kindness, love.

A soul being is never so asleep that they violate another living being, emotionally, (spiritually) energetically, mentally, physically, financially.

A soul being is never so asleep that they’ll get trapped in competition.

A soul being is never so asleep that they follow the crowd, they’re born with the power to break the rules.

Soul beings are Natural trend setters. They’re not only different but they don’t sound mechanical.

It’s the low density hybrids & their puppet NPCs (Soulless) who discourage you from embracing your power. They speak in tongues – say one thing, but then force you to do another. Biggest examples are people who ask you to wake up but then tell you to humble your light.

2023 is the year of Divine Intervention. The frauds will expose themselves. Their drama, their fake love & light cartoon acting will fail. False Light, manipulative people, so called fake leaders will reveal who’s side they’re on. Watch, observe, understand, free yourself.

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