Darkness Withers and Dissolves

Published December 13, 2022 by tindertender

By @shiftingtimeline

We are transitioning through the dissolution of a depraved satanic consciousness dwelling in the unseen fallen realms that has been tagging into the blind spots of the individual and collective psyche to generate the loosh to keep itself alive.

We have essentially been used as conduits to self sabotage due to soul fragmentation which generates a shadow body that keeps energy running reversals into the fallen realms.

This has been happening unconsciously and as a program written into a digressed genetic code, engineered over multiple ancestral cycles that are culminating at this pinnacle juncture as past, present and future come together to rewrite the timelines free from consciousness enslavement.

For this transition to take place, the individual and collective shadow must surface to the light of consciousness to be healed/integrated. We are in the Age of Information of which there are different two pathways, one of which transforms knowledge through the heart to embody the true divine kingdom of heaven from within.

Knowledge in absence of heart is the path of the false light. This is a phase in the evolutionary process which most of us will likely transition through, until we relinquish control of the ego mind and become the vessel for spirit to work through in service of the wider evolution beyond our own personal interests, whether that’s the need to be right, to save the world, gain recognition/power, or profit materialistically from our pursuits.

These temptations are rife in the collective awakening field at the moment, as we come into greater awareness of spiritual laws that can activate great power. Used irresponsibly, we pervert these laws for personal interest, which constitutes a form of black magic and keeps us disconnected from re-anointing with the purity of our essence.

This is like another test to demonstrate how much we trust in our higher nature to keep us safe and provide what we need to continue along our highest expression in fulfilment of our souls covenant, in this lifetime and beyond.

When we are still governed by unconscious fear, the doorway to the divine through the heart closes and we remain in servitude to the lower will that seeks external gratification. We substitute organic consciousness for an artificial intelligence that mimics our creative power and keeps us tethered in lower virtual reality expressions.

What we will eventually come to realise is that we are never alone when truth and connection is with us. As co-creative soul collectives we are never in a state of lack or unworthiness, because together we are serving the collective evolution. When we misuse our awareness to manipulate or harm another, we are only doing that harm to ourselves, and necessitating more karmic evolutionary lessons until we are embodied in this realisation.

This takes a level of spiritual maturity to move beyond the need to reap vengeance for perceived wrongdoings perpetrated against us, or to engage in conflict by asserting our will and authority over others. Once we honour free will in accordance with the Law of One there is no longer the need to return to the obsolete ways of separation consciousness. We have transformed internally and have seen this mirrored back through our external experience.

Darkness withers and dissolves in the light of this purity because we are no longer feeding it through unconscious consent. We have starved the imposter forces from our field. This way we can move uninhibited along the ascension pathway, free to birth reality from the imagination of the personal and collective mind in communion with the forces of nature, of which we are inseparable.


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